The Super Bowl Is This Sunday!

Munchkin The Teddy Bear is gearing up for your Very Bowl between the Patriots and the Seahawks. She’d choose if some dog-named groups were enjoying, and we don’t have the center to tell her there aren’t any one of those.

#SnowpocalypseOfDoom Is Here

The Fat -N- Portly Simon welcomes you to another work week- Rodents, It’s Saturday! (It happens every week, right after Bunday and before Toesday!)

NEW Maru: “Maru Intercepts The Box.”

BUT. The package is wanted by Maru. And undoubtedly, The Circle has seniority. Is he planning to move list? Who’s gonna offer in?

Rats, It’s Monday

As we’ve been saying, Grumpy Pet returned to the Bay Area Wednesday, being a visitor of honor in the unveiling of Berkeley Humane’s new Mobile Adoption Center. C.O. Along With The Furrtographer were About here’s and The Scene™ how it seemed! (All photographs by Josh except the last four, that have been taken by some hack.) Many thanks to Bryan and Tabatha, Sherry at Berkeley Humane, May The Furrtographer, at Log Books, and of course——- Sauce. XO.

You Gotta Be Cautious About Water Bottles, Friend!

While these small goobers are naturally having a basketball, it’s important to ensure they’re well taken care of While The White Death descends upon the US Northeast. Here are some useful teeps for you.


If you switch your back on ‘em–even for ONE SECOND–you’ll take major trouble! (*Please note the Chubbular Small Morsel-Chunk-Measured Paws, perfect for Nomming!)