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Russian ruble slides to all time low as new sanctions loom - Sep. 1, 2014

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Thanks to Netflix, Comcast's Exchange of Time Warner Cable Might Be in Peril (CMCSA, NFLX, TWC)

The sliding currency is likely to make living harder for Russians by rearing the cost of imports, which Might further fuel. Google+ Market indexes are proven with the exception of the DJIA, which is delayed by two units, instantly. All times are ET. Disclaimer Morningstar: Inc. All Rights Reserved, 2014 Morningstar. Disclaimer Dow Jones IndexesSM distributed by Dow Jones & Company and are private to and have been registered to be used.

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in Line with The advertising website nScreenMedia, 19% of millennials do not have a wire or satellite TV registration inside their property, and 98% of those with no request don't have any programs to get one. Alternatively, estimates that nearly one in five customers age Netflix, which might demonstrate where the misplaced business in paytv has gone. Thus, with Netflix having over 50 million customers that are worldwide, and the variety growing fast, it really is no real surprise services like Comcast and Time Warner Wire don't always desire Netflix's streaming companies performing properly. However in its make an effort to acquire Timewarner Cable, this thought process might backfire for Comcast. Silly views With all-things considered, the FCC's questions combined with Comcast's recent steps could be the best indicator that a relationship to Time-Warner Wire won't be authorized, and at the conclusion of your day, Comcast has no one to blame but itself. It's an essential period for Comcast, where it should display the FCC examine more that attaining Time Warner Wire is within the greatest interest of most customers, its clients, and also shareholders. Nevertheless, not allowing for speedy shipping of streaming providers from a crucial competition is not a great way to exhibit excellent purposes, and the FCC might be shown by it all it takes to view as a way to perfectly deny the order of Time Warner Cable of Comcast. Your cable company is afraid, however you will get loaded you realize cable's going away. But do you know how exactly to gain?There's $2.2 billion out there to be had. Presently, cable grabs a huge bit of it. That won't last. So when wire falters, three businesses are positioned to gain.