Dependable Entrepreneur: Evidence (employing 24+ Years Data) That Market-timing Might Not Be Worth The Effort…atleast For Us

I cannot possibly pick the highest point every month to invest. This leaves me with just one option...that of being Investor C. And I will be glad to be like Investor C. Reason? Without the effort (like that required by perfect timer), I am able to earn returns which are respectable when compared to those earned by a perfect timer. instaforex alternatives And this is clearly visible in table below: There is no big outperformance achieved by the investor who times the market perfectly my website (atleast monthly). As an investor who strongly believes in Power of Doing Nothing in Stock Markets , this result should be acceptable to all average investors. And this clearly (if not convincingly) shows that if someone is ready to invest periodically with discipline, then timing the markets may not be essential at all.I agree that I have made few assumptions in these calculations. And that these may not be a technically correct ones when trying to prove the uselessness of market timing.But for average investors like us, this analysis is a clear indicator that if one is not interested questions like how and which stocks to pick, then trying to news time the markets may not only be futile but also a worthless exercise. Just keep investing regularly in well diversified equity funds or index funds . You will be better off than 99% of the investors. Caution: The data used in above tables is only for one index (Sensex) and hence representative of performance of a weighted-combination of only 30 companies which constitute the index.

Theneeds - Two Oil Stocks to Buy, Even if Crude Prices Slide Lower

The price of crude oil Tuesday fbs markets gold fell to less than $45, an go!! important psychological benchmark. Energy investors are desperate for some good news, but they shouldn't hold their breath. Brent crude is down...

HAFC Stock Quote - Hanmi Financial Corp. Stock Price Today (HAFC:NASDAQ) - MarketWatch

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