Better Hurry As The 918 Spyder Will Undoubtedly Be Out Of Stock By December

That is, of course, if you had at least $847,795 available to spend. And now there are less than 100 Porsche 918 Spyders still on the market, according to a new report from Reuters who recently spoke to the German automaker's sales chief. In fact, there’s been especially strong demand for the plug-in hybrid hyper car from North America, where the price tag can go above $1 million if owners add optional equipment. Share Share This Story Facebook The Luckiest Pedestrian in The World Lives... Maserati Levante Luxury SUV Spied Testing ...

Not much says you have an iron constitution either: the guy doesn't even flinch as those 7.62 mm rounds hit the windshield. Way at the end of the video he does finally exclaim that it was a cool experience, but that's the only emotion he shows.

Nissan GT-R NISMO Has a Bigger Ass Than Kim Kardashian, Internet Still Not Broken

It Turns Out That Hot Girls Can Drive Old ... Henrik Fisker and Galpin Auto Sports Team ... According to Infiniti the "first stretch of the race is a Formula-1 grand prix course from L.A. to Las Vegas. The second portion is a desert race which requires an off-road buggy to the Grand Canyon. The final third leg of the race is a radical gymkhana style jet race through virtual pylons back to Los Angeles." The SYPNATIQ interface uses a S.U.I.T.

Infiniti Previews Futuristic SYPNATIQ Concept, Entry for LA Auto Show Design Challenge

Despite vowing to “break the internet” by getting her hilariously oversized butt out for Paper Magazine, Kim Kardashian has only managed to engender a slew of funny responses. One has unexpectedly come from Nissan who tweeted an image of the GT-R Nismo’s rear end claiming “Ours is Bigger.” That may be so, but we suspect Kim would retort with: “Yeah, but mine is oilier.” Touche. Other hilarious responses have been added for your amusement.